Business law

Business law covers all laws and regulations related to administration and business practice. This encompasses in real terms corporate law (creation, organization, dissolution), competition law, collective procedures law (legal redress and liquidation), banking law, intellectual property law etc.

  • There are several types of businesses: individual companies, partnerships (“registered”), and stock companies. What are the advantages and disadvantages of incorporation? Is it necessary to opt for this legal status? Your notary is here to guide you through this process.

  • This contract governs the relationships between shareholders of a company and the company itself. It may be signed by all the shareholders or only some of them.

  • According to the Quebec legislation, all companies doing business on the provincial landscape must be registered with the company Register, whether they are individual, partnerships, or stock companies. If not, sentences, legal consequences and infractions may be applied. Companies must provide an annual update statement for the relevant period, whether or not the supplied informations have changed.

  • Purchasing a business may be complex. It is to be decided by the investor if shares, or assets of the business should be acquired. Each option has advantages and disadvantages. One seller may prefer to put its shares up for sale while the buyer chooses to purchase assets. Your notary will advice on what is best for you.

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