Making a will is not going to kill you…

 We all know that we should write a will but not necessarily why. What purpose does this serve to? Beyond avoiding thinking a bout your death, you must think above all to those who will come after you.

A will brings you peace of mind to know what will happen after you pass away.

What is a will and how does it work?

A will is a legal document. It clearly explains to your heirs, friends… how your property and assets will be distributed after your death. It also names the person or the institution which will settle the succession.

The will also appoints your children’s legal guardian. Without a will, it is up to the court to decide who will be awarded legal guardianship of your children.

Finally, the will appoints too who will take care of your pet.

In the absence of a will, the law appoints who will inherit your assets and the court decides who will have the custody of your under-age children.

Get your wishes clearly stated, a notary is able to guarantee you serenity.

A will is a simple and inexpensive document ! Consult us:


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